Eco-pure water treatment

Eco-pure water treatment conditioning systems.This is the next generation of environmentally friendly  Eco-pure water treatment .The unit can be install next to the rising cold water mains pipe. The installation is very much like installing a water softener, the only difference with this type of water treatment system, you don’t need a drain connection, or salt.


Cost of running the Eco-pure water Treatment conditioners is cheaper, as there is no wastage of water or the need to use salt No water wastage so savings on water utility bills No on-going maintenance of equipment in terms of spare parts, maintenance costs etc.No backwashing /regeneration of brine solution required.

This results in less water wastage as well as far greater Eco benefits due to too no brine solution being released into groundwater.100% safe to drink due to being 100% non-toxic Takes up Less space to install than a water softener and reduced carbon footprint


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Eco-pure water treatment

Mindos and Maxidos Specifications

The Liquid Softener is a complex chemical whereby an ion-exchange process takes place to remove Ca and Mg from the water, and thereby prevents scale build up.

Within this ion-exchange process, Na (Sodium) is an atom whilst a compound known as HOOC is the ion. So whilst there is sodium within the liquid, due to it being in the form of an atom (rather than an ion) it is not released into the treated water. Rather HOOC is used to exchange with the Ca and Mg ions.

The Minidos treats the water with 20ppm of Liquid Softener. The Liquid Softener is non-corrosive, 100% non-toxic and biodegrades within 27 days.

Technical data: Eco-pure water Treatment

½ “Minidos         25 litres/min (Max.)        3.5 injections per litre

¾ “ Maxidos       41.6 litres/min (Max.)    2.5 injections per litre

1” Maxidos         50 litres/min (Max.)        2.0 injections per litre

1.25” Maxidos   70 litres/min (Max.)        2.0 injections per litre

Minimum flow rate of 1 litre/min.

Maximum pressure 6 bar

Maximum water temperature 40C

Power supply for Maxidos systems – 230V/50Hz/13 amp

The liquid is available in 3 strengths:

1 – medium dosage suitable for drinking water systems and protecting drinking water filters from scale

2 – high dosage suitable for protection of appliances, equipment and entire properties in hard water areas

3 – very high dosage for treatment of all the above in areas above 500ppm hardness

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 Eco-pure water Minidos Liquid water conditioner Eco-pure water Maxidos Liquid water conditioner