About us

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd is based in Cambridgeshire and covering the whole of East Anglia, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and the Midlands to both residential and commercial users. Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd offers domestic and commercial water softening, Reverse Osmosis, Purification, Filtration and drinking water filter systems,( ACOP ) L8 Legionella risk Assessment, servicing and maintenace to most makes and models of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems. We also supply block salt, Well- water treatment, Ph correction to acid water, iron removal systems, Nitrate removal systems, ultra violet systems and chlorination services.
Established in 1975 and with an avid and keen interest in water treatment, Chris has continued studying water treatment technology. Keeping up to date with industry changes, new innovations and advances in membrane design, Chris has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge with problem water having lived and worked for several years in Spain and the USA.