Dometic reverse osmosis systems

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We carry out the complete service and repair of all Dometic/ Electrolux reverse osmosis systems.

We can also supply replacement filters and membranes for all Dometic reverse osmosis systems

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The Dometic reverse osmosis system is a very compact unit. The Dometic reverse osmosis system has several different models, which can be used for domestic and commercial applications.

The Dometic RO 300 model is used mostly for domestic use. It has 1 carbon filter inside of the front cover.

Dometic reverse osmosis systems RO300Dometic RO300 Filter part no 919240004

The Dometic RO 400 model comes in different combinations: RO400,RO400B, RO400C, RO400CV is used for domestic and commercial use.It has 2 filters inside the front cover. I have a lot of printing companies that use this system.

Dometic reverse osmosis systems RO400Dometic RO400 Filter part no 919240083Dometic RO400 Filter part no 919240082

The Dometic RO600C models can be used for domestic and commercial use. It has 2 carbon filters inside the front cover. Catering companies, hotels use this model on their glass washing machines, Normally the system is installed with a pressure accumulator to prevent short run times. The Dometic 600C is also used on humidifiers. So there are many application for this compact system.

Dometic reverse osmosis system RO600C Dometic RO600c Filter part no 150760900Dometic RO600c Filter part no 150760900

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