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Harvey's Dulflo Block Salt Non-Electric Twin Tank Water Softeners Cambridge

Harvey's Dualflo Block salt non Electric Water softeners Cambridge


Harveys Non-Electric Compact Block Salt Water Softener Cambridge UK

When it comes to having a water softener for domestic homes, Harvey’s Dualflo water softeners are the ones that you need to be having installed.


Harvey water softeners are made to use block salt and can be placed under the sink like other water softeners. Harvey’s Dualflo non-electric compact block salt water softener is designed for small spaces. The water softener will easily fit in the cupboard. Many domestic water softeners, which are electrically operated, can’t fit into the cupboard because they are too large and bulky. Are you curious which water softener you should buy? Harvey’s Dualflo Block Salt Duplex Water Softener is my favourite domestic water softener. It’s small, compact, and delivers high-quality water. Many people like to install a water softener by themselves. This is acceptable if they know-how

All British Made Harvey’s Non-Electric Twin tank Water Softeners Cambridge

Water softeners like Dualflo block salt models will stop the buildup of scum in your water. The hard water limescale causes your bath water to leave a dull and scummy residue. This can cause your hair, skin, and clothing to look dull and lifeless. After washing, towels, and clothing in hard water, they feel rough and stiff. Install a Dualflo water softener and enjoy a steady stream of softened water throughout your house.

Harvey Block salt water softeners make a difference to hard water limescale problems

Reduce heating energy costs, repairs, replacement, maintenance, and repair of appliances. Put the sparkle back in baths, sinks, and showers. Water softeners remove minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which cause Scale and Scum. These softeners are designed to be used throughout the house. They are located close to where the cold water main enters the house. Since 1903, water softeners were used to stop Scales in boilers. The technology has been well-understood and the performance of these devices is reliable and predictable.

How water softeners work

Ion exchange is a method that softens the water. It uses an ion-exchange resin. The resin media is made up of tiny, specially-formulated polymeric beads which are charged with specific ions. Calcium and Magnesium are the main causes of Scale in hard water. As hard water flows through the resin media it attracts Calcium and Magnesium ions to the resin, they are held on the media, and when the resin media becomes exhausted, they are removed through a regeneration cycle. The regeneration cycle uses sodium salt to remove the trapped calcium and magnesium irons. When the regeneration cycle is completed the resin will continue to produce soft water.

There are many sizes and shapes of water softeners. Each water softener has a resin vessel that holds the resin media, through which water is passed to soften the water. All water softeners have a storage tank where the salt can be stored and dissolved. Most Water softeners these days are fully automatic and regenerate themselves automatically. Water softeners can be programmed to determine when they should regenerate. Some have a timer or other device which will initiate the regeneration cycle, Some models are set up so that the water softener is regenerated in the early hours of the morning when nobody is using the water.

Harvey’s water softeners are equipped with a patent-pending ‘displacement meter’, which is the same type used by water companies for measuring water consumption. The metering system is extremely accurate and can measure anything from a drip from the tap to full flow from the pressurized hot-water system. Our water softeners only regenerate as necessary. This saves customers money and reduces wastage due to salt or regeneration water.

Harvey’s non-electric Water Softeners will help you save money in your homes

Consider how much money you can save with a Harvey Dualflo water softener.

Savings start at the beginning and continue to grow as you use soap and plumber’s fees. After approximately 4 years, you can recover the initial investment.

It doesn’t mean that you have to change your plumbing or hot water cylinders. The softened water can descale pipes and remove any existing scales.

Washing machines and dishwashers. Boilers, hot water tanks, boilers. Showers. Kettles. Irons. Coffee makers… Every appliance that uses water has higher efficiency and lasts for longer.

It is easy to plumb the latest softeners. It’s much easier to move the softener with you when you move.

Dualflo domestic block salt water softeners are the most advanced and one of the most compact softeners sold in the UK. These softeners have been approved by WRAS and are made in Britain for British households. These softeners are non-electric, have high flow rates, and have accurate water displacement. They can be used in both unvented and vented systems. These water softeners are compact and can fit into standard cupboards. They also work with 2 blocks of salt. Full-bore installation fitting kits are recommended with Megaflo tye hot water cylinders and 3 story houses. We provide unparalleled support to the manufacturer.

Block salt is easy to handle, store and load. You do not need electricity with this type of softener machine. It is Quiet in operation. 50 Liters/Min Flow Rate. Suitable for unvented or vented systems. Twin Tank never runs out of softened waters. You can use up to half the salt of a conventional softener. Block Salt is easy to handle, store and load. Compact size fits into a cupboard.
and there is no need to cut the unit into the base of the kitchen cupboard.

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