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Legionella Risk Assessment Shows Sludge in Cold Water Tank Cambridgeshire 

Thick sludge on bottom of cold water storage tank

Legionella Risk From Sludge in Cold Water Storage Tank Cambridge

Sludge in Bottom of cold water storage tank

legionella-risk-assessment | Cambridgeshire

Keep up to date with your Legionella risk assessments Cambridgeshire

Sludge on the bottom of the cold water tank
This sludge was found on the bottom of a cold water storage tank in a care home. The owner of the facility was quite shocked to see the pictures that l showed them. This is quite a common thing

Sludge in Bottom of cold water storage tank
Sludge formation on the bottom of cold water tank
Here is another cold water storage tank in the same care home that has quite a thick sludge build-up on the bottom of the tank. One of the problems with sludge in cold water storage tanks is that it is a good nutrient for bacteria to feed on, and given the right water temperature can contaminate the hot and cold water services.

Thick sludge on the bottom of cold water storage tank

Legionella control Acop L8 risk assessment requirements

Cambridgeshire Legionella risk control assessments
Our engineers are based in Cambridgeshire. They have an excellent track record and great service. Contact us if you’re located in Cambridgeshire, and need a Legionella risk assessment.

In compliance with the Approved Code of Practice, (ACoP L8, SSG 274) and the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, all duty holders must make sure that their workers and others may be affected. This includes legionella risk.

Legionella Testing or Legionella Risk Assessment?

You must take appropriate precautions to manage, prevent and reduce the chance of being exposed to legionella. This can be done by performing a legionella risk analysis, taking appropriate remedial actions to address all risks identified in the risk assessment, and sampling water quality for legionella testing.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd recommends that you have an annual review to make sure the correct implementation of your water treatment plan. Legionella bacteria can multiply in as little as 15 minutes so make sure to regularly review your monitoring and risk assessments.

You will receive an action plan that lists the risks identified and photos of those to be addressed. You can reduce your risk of contracting legionnaires’ disease by completing remedial work. After all remedial work is completed, it’s time to implement your legionella monitoring. This will include periodic checks and maintenance. A logbook can be used for documentation and compliance with all monitoring and legal requirements.

What is the cost of a legionella risk assessment?

Prices for Legionella Risk Assessments can vary depending on how many water outlets, cold storage tanks, hot cylinders or combi boilers are present. Your water system’s assets will affect the amount of time it takes to complete your report and determine how much work you will need.

What is the time frame for risk assessments?

A legionella risk assessor typically spends 1 hour on-site for every 10 outlets (sinks and showers, etc.). An assessment may take between 30 and 6 to 7 hours. This depends entirely on how large your water system is and what water assets such as combination boilers, cold water storage tanks, or combination boilers you have.

We will be working closely with your company to minimize disruption. Access to your buildings and rooms will be a key factor in the amount of time we spend on-site.

Responsible person, Duty Manager
The responsible person for legionella responsible persons training must be first assigned. The legionella responsible persons must be selected, regardless of whether they are duty holders, Company responsible persons, Deputy responsible persons, Landlords, or Landlords. The roles aforementioned have a lot of control and responsibility for the management and prevention of Legionella at work, as per the Health and Safety Executives (ACOP L8) and the Health and Safety Guidance (HSG274 Parts 2, and 3).

Candidates will typically be responsible for managing the day-to-day management of the legionella risk system, monitoring legionella bacteria levels in water systems, and complying with compliance requirements.

Management of Legionella Risk
HSE GOV.co.uk Water system stagnation, which can result from a lack of water use and closure of your building during the coronavirus (19COVID-19), pandemic, could increase the risk of Legionnaires disease.

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