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Servicing-carried out on-water-softeners and purifier-systems in Cambridgeshire

As with any mechanical valve and water softener system, servicing and repairs are needed from time to time to make sure everything is working correctly.

filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, ph systems, Borehole filtration, Well-water filtration, and purification systems, ultraviolet disinfection filter systems, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, carbon de-chlorination systems, re-bedding mineral media., servicing and repairs of most make and models of water softeners or reverse osmosis systems, Well water treatment systems, iron removal systems, nitrate removal systems, Legionella risk assessments, Chlorination work of hot and cold water supplies, cold water storage tanks, Certificate is given on completion. Consultancy work.

Service repairs carried out for most makes and models of Domestic softeners and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems
Authorized dealer for service and repair work for the complete range of Dometic and Bluewater Reverse Osmosis systems.

We also can provide all your replacement filters and servicing requirements for ELECTROLUX, DOMETIC RO 300C, DOMETIC 400, 400CV, 400B, 400BC, 400BCV, DOMETIC 600C, 600CV, Bluewater Pro 400, Pro 600, Bluewater Spirit 300C, Bluewater Spirit 300CP reverse osmosis purification system.

Autotrol 155, 255, 440, 460I, 960I
Autotrol Magnum 962
Autotrol 268 Aif Automatic Filter Systems
Aquacure Act10E, Act14E, Acm10E, Act14E
Aquacure reverse osmosis systems,
Puroline RO system
Replacement membranes, domestic and commercial RO
Fleck 5600, 5600Ec, 5600Se, 6600, 6700, 7000, Single Cylinder Simplex Systems
Fleck 1500, 2510, 2750, 2850, 2900, 3150, 3900, Single Cylinder Simplex Systems
Fleck 9000, 9100, 9500, 2900, 3900 Duplex Systems
Hobart RO600C-10 Reverse osmosis system for glass and dishwashing machines
Hobart WS-40 water softener
Kinetico, 2020cHF/HE,2025s,2040s /od, 2030s, 2060s, 2100s, 2175s, 4040s, 4060s
Kinetico reverse osmosis systems KRO Delux, Quickflo Delux, K2, K5, Pall Purefecta,(Domestic, Commercial, Industrial
Rainsoft water softener servicing, repair, maintenance for Apollo silver, Amazon silver, Apollo Gold, EC4 series. Rainsoft whole house QRs carbon units, Rainsoft reverse osmosis drinking water systems, Rainsoft Membranes.
Siata Valves V132, V240, V250, V260, V360 softeners, demineralization systems Duplex, Simplex
Harvey’s Block Salt Water Softeners
Dualflo Block Salt Water Softeners
Crown Water Softeners
Twintech Water Softeners
Dom-Extra Water Softeners

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