Ultra violet systems

Sterilight Silver Ultra violet system

The Sterilight ultra violet systems comes with a day calender and gives you an alarm sound when the light needs to be changed, This is a very handy, as once the UV light expires your protection from bacteria is no longer effective. these days

Most private water supplies may contain micro-organisms that can be harmful if consumed. Ultra Violet light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that is shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays.This disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, preventing them from replicating and thus de-activating their potential for infection. Ultra Violet systems provide a safe, clean and affordable way for sterilisation of your drinking water system. The Silver range of Ultra violet systems can provide disinfection across a whole range of flow rates from 0.5m3/hr to 3.4m3/hr. These flow rates are based on a dosage rate of 30mj/cm2. With a highly effective electronic lamp controller provides a constant output current and has a universal power input (100-240V. 50-60Hz), With a visually displaying remaining lamp life and total days of operation. The lamp is surrounded in a watertight quartz sleeve and is fully CE compliant. The Silver range chambers are manufactured from polished, 304 stainless steel, pressure rated tube. To change the Lamp is easily accomplished without interrupting the water flow. Just remove the over -moulded electrical connector, pull out the old light, and replace with the new one.

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The benefits of ultra violet systems

How do ultra violet systems work ? The disinfection properties of ultra violet systems comprises of an enclosed chamber with an inner sleeve of high purity quartz, which contains a germicidal ( shortwave ultraviolet) lamp. Water passes through the chamber and is subjected to the uv light which shines through the quartz sleeve. Shortwave ultraviolet destroys the genetic structure of micro organisms, therefore bacteria or viruses in the water exposed to the uv light will be destroyed. Ultra violet systems have a germicidal light that is one of the safest ways to disinfect water since it does not use chemicals and therefore cannot be overdosed. It also does not alter taste.

The Sapphire units are compact economical Ultra Violet systems, that are
designed with the consumer in mind. The Sapphire system utilities
commonplace single ended low pressure UV lamp technology, thus
making the system not only economical for energy running costs,
but also for replacement UV lamps. The single ended UV lamp also
makes servicing the equipment very simple.
Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has are specialists in ultraviolet disinfection and have
been in business for over 30 years.The Sapphire ultra violet systems

• Water Resistant power control module (IP55)
• Long life / High Reliability UV Lamp
• Maximum 10 Bar Working Pressure
• Simple To Install
• Lamp On Indicator
• Simple To Service
• Electropolished Chamber
• Commonplace UV Lamps
• Lamp / Electrical Failure
• UV Lamp Status Indicator
• Volt free contacts
Please see Sapphire+ data sheet
for further details
• All systems comply with
international UV dose
• All units are designed to meet
standards even at end of lamp life.
• All systems are WRAS (Water
Regulations Advisory Scheme)
approved and certified
• Very low running costs – less than
5p per 24-hour period.
• Utilizing commonplace UV Lamps.
• Designed for ease of installation and