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Borehole well water purification system

Iron removal and whole house water purification system

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Borehole well water filtration systems Cambridge

A borehole water treatment system to remove iron and manganese. The water flows through the iron- and manganese-removal filtration system. It would normally have an assembly with an air contact to draw air continuously to oxidize iron and manganese.

Whole house water treatment systems on a spring-water supply. The blue/green staining was caused by acidic (pH 5.8) water corroding copper pipes and heating tubes. This compact system, which is located in a kitchen cupboard (pH now 7.8) removes fine particulates. Also, it has a UV sterilizer to combat bacteria. It was installed so that it is easier to service and maintain.

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We have been working on a newly built property which had a poor mains water supply, this was not good. The main water supply feeds a water storage tank which is then pumped up to the property.
We installed a DAB E.Sybox variable speeds booster pump from the cold water storage tank to all the borehole filtration systems, this provided really good pressure.

A new borehole with a filter system

People are increasingly turning to boreholes, springwater, and wells to get their water supply. This is due in part because municipally treated water is becoming more expensive.
The water is generally of high quality and tastes good, as it is free of chlorine. Other problems can occur, including staining and corrosion, murky unpleasant appearances, harmful bacteria, and more. We provide a wide range of well water treatment systems and filtration solutions that will ensure your private water supply is of high quality.

Treatment of private water supplies is complex and It’s not always possible to find the right solution without knowing all the facts. The level of contaminants and the water consumption will affect which equipment is most appropriate.

We recommend you get a water quality analysis report for your private borehole water supply.

We can organize this for you, or you can contact a laboratory to do this for you. If you do it yourself the laboratory will send the necessary sample bottles.
It will help to identify the issues you need to address and any areas you wish to improve. You can find water testing services listed in your local directory. Or, contact your local council to get more information.

Our technical team of specialists will review your water testing report for free. This is so that we can recommend the best equipment. Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has a wealth of experience to resolve your water quality problems. You can email us your water test report and we can specify the correct equipment to bring your water up to standard, or please contact us on 01354 740896 if you need any advice.

Which water purification and filtration treatment products should you use?
Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of Filtration Systems for private water supply, including boreholes, wells, and springs water. We supply and also install a complete line of Sediment filter systems, Iron and Manganese removal systems, pH acid water corrections, Carbon filters, and backwash systems. These systems can be ordered depending on the raw water content. Please contact us on 01354 740896 to discuss your requirements.

We offer a wide range of water treatment and sanitation products including UV Sterilisation Units

Water Filters and Kits, Domestic Water Softeners, Domestic Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, water filtration systems, commercial reverse osmosis filtration, that filters water from a borehole
Water that is not treated may contain high levels of turbidity, iron, and manganese. Aquamaster will design a filtration system to address all these problems.

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Private borehole water treatment systems for iron and manganese removal Cambridgeshire

When rain falls, the water has a naturally aggressive, slightly acidic nature. This water then dissolves chalk and/or metallic deposits present in the local rock strata, resulting in ground and borehole water containing elements that would not normally be present in mains water. Contaminants such as Iron and Manganese can cause problems such as poor tasting (and potentially harmful) drinking water and staining of appliances and equipment.

Well water treatment iron removal filtration system

Iron and Manganese can be removed from well water or borehole private spring water systems. This is done by using different types of resin media that encourage reaction between the contaminant and oxygen present in the water. This reaction forms an insoluble precipitate which can then be filtered out by the media bed. The media acts “catalytically”, which means that although it triggers the reaction it is not used up as part of the process, thus giving long life from a single filter. A choice of media is available, Pyrolox, Filox, Birm. All are based on Manganese Dioxide but Pyrolox and Filox have more active sites.

In order to remove accumulated deposits from the filter bed media, the water flow through the filter is reversed back washed. Water is run to drain at a high flow rate to separate the deposits from the filter media. The control valve completes the backwash cycle which is normally set to automatically backwash at the intervals and times set during the installation.

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