Well water treatment

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When rain falls, the water has a naturally aggressive, slightly acidic nature. This water then dissolves chalk and/or metallic deposits present in the local rock strata, resulting in ground and borehole water containing elements that would not normally be present in mains water. Contaminants such as Iron and Manganese can cause problems
such as poor tasting (and potentially harmful) drinking water & staining of appliances and equipment.

This is a typical picture of part of a well water treatment systemwell water treatment iron removal filtration system

Iron and Manganese can be removed from well water or borehole systems water by using media which encourages reaction between the contaminant and oxygen present in the water. This reaction forms an insoluble precipitate which can then be filtered out by the media bed. The media acts “catalytically”, which means that although it triggers the reaction it is not used up as part of the process, thus giving long life from a single filter. A choice of media is available, Pyrolox, Filox & Birm. All are based on Manganese Dioxide but with Pyrolox and Filox having more active sites.

In order to remove accumulated deposits from the filter bed media, the water flow through the filter is reversed (backwashed). Water is run to drain at a high flow rate to separate the deposits from the filter media. The control valve completes the backwash cycle which is normally set to automatically backwash at the intervals and times set during the installation.well water treatment Contact Assembly system

Contact assemblies are used a lot in well water treatment systems. They are designed to aerate the water. Air is drawn in
using a Mazzei injector which then mixes inside the vessel, This helps by initiating the oxidation of Iron and Manganese. Precipitation starts to occur which can then be
removed using a multi-media filter before the water reaches the main catalytic filter.

Commercial Triplex iron and manganese removal systems Cambridgeshire.
The Triplex vessel uses a unique blend containing a Ph correction media, an Iron and Manganese removal media, and a physical filter media. This works in three ways and has the combined effect of raising the Ph of the water ( eliminating the acidity), precipitating any dissolved iron and Manganese in the water, and finally filtering out this precipitate. Clean water is then passed to service ready for use. Unlike other Iron and Manganese removal systems, the Triplex filter has an equal backwash and service flow. This means that the load on the borehole pump is minimized, with no requirement for backwash booster pumps. This makes Triplex ideally suited to domestic and light commercial well water treatment applications with flow rates up to 4m3 per hour.

Triplex Filox 36 Inch -R Iron removal well water treatment system

Triplex Filox 36″-R Iron removal system for well water treatment